Sight Tests

The Sight Test is our entry level standard of care that enables us to determine your prescription and advise on whether your vision can be improved.

We will also discuss with you the options available for improving your vision. Spectacles are the most common form of vision correction but there are alternatives such as contact lenses or surgery.

During a Sight Test we will also carry out a few simple screening tests to determine whether your eyes show signs of disease.

If any signs of disease are present we will refer you to your GP, or other appropriately qualified person for an Eye Examination to carry out further investigation, management or treatment. Common problems that may need to be referred include sore or red eyes, eyes that may be itchy or watery or any other symptoms you may have that are not related to your sight.

We recommend a Sight Test for those patients who are:

  • Under 30 years of age with no pre-existing eye disease
  • Have recently been discharged from specialist care (for example following a cataract operation.)

All other patients, including those eligible for NHS Sight Tests, such as patients who are diabetic or who have a family history of Glaucoma are recommended to have an Eye Examination, especially if you are a new patient attending the practice so that we can better investigate your risk of common eye problems such as GlaucomaMacular Degeneration and Cataract. We will also be able to discuss the treatment and management of any other problems you may have which are not related to your sight.

NHS Sight Tests are available free of charge to eligible patients.

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