Eye Wear

Our expert eyewear advice will enable you to translate your prescription into the look that you want, that makes the very best of your vision with optimum comfort that suits your lifestyle. We call this our ‘Look, See, Feel and Easy Promise


Your spectacles make a statement about who you are – and we can help make sure you get exactly the look that you want.

Do you want the latest designer spectacles?
We have a selection of Anna Hickman, Versace, Vogue and Timberland.

Do you want to be ‘on trend’ with fashion?
We have retro-look frames that are the latest style.

Do you love the almost invisible look that rimless spectacles can achieve?
We have the latest technology in rimless spectacles – PinFeel design where the frame is pinned through the side of the lens rather than the front as in traditional rimless designs.

Do you want a bit of ‘bling’, or a more conservative look ?
We have over 1000 frames in stock and if you still can’t find what you are looking for we can arrange a no obligation special order of many more styles.

Are you unsure of what style might suit you best ?
Our fully trained dispensing team have over 25 years experience and can advise you on which styles best suit your face shape and how to match the colour of the frame with your skin tones and hair colouring.


Your prescription has been carefully determined to relate your symptoms or visual difficulties to the power of lens required to solve these problems – but a spectacle prescription is more than just the power of the lens required.

In order to obtain best possible vision from your spectacles we will also determine whether your eye muscles are in balance and whether the positioning of your eyes – close together, far apart, not quite level – are suitable for the particular lens design that we recommend.

Sometimes your prescription may need to be modified to take account of the distance your chosen frame sits from the front of your eye.

We will also need to decide where the best postion for the centre of your lens should be by measuring the distance between your pupil centres, and how much higher or lower these centres are from the centre of the frame.

By taking into account all these factors we can be sure that your spectacles will provide optimum vision and comfort.


Now that you have chosen the look that you want and we have settled on the most appropriate lens design to make the most of your vision you want to be sure that your new spectacles feel good too.

Whether you wear your spectacles all the time or only for certain tasks, we want to ensure that whenever you do wear them they are as comfortable as possible.

With no restrictions on which lens manufacturer to use we have the whole of the market available to us to ensure that your lenses are as light and as thin as possible to keep the weight of your spectacles to a minimum.

Lighter but stronger frame materials such as titanium also help to keep your spectacles comfortable, as well as using flexible silicon bridge pads to softly cushion the spectacles on the bridge of your nose.

When you collect your spectacles we will ensure that they are adjusted properly and are fitting well, but our service does not end there – all our spectacles come with lifelong free adjustment facility.


We believe that your spectacles (or other form of vision correction – contact lenses or surgery) should suit your lifestyle – your lifestyle should not have to suit your spectacles.

Whatever problem you have with your vision we can provide a solution.

Do you need spectacles for close work that enable you to see your computer AND read?
We have a range of specially designed ‘office’ lenses specifically tailored for this task

Do you need a variable tint depending on the light conditions?
We can now make your lenses photochromic so that they change with the light yet are still lightweight and thin even in bifocals and varifocals !

Do you find yourself dazzled by low sun or very bright days?
We can provide polarising sun protection that not only eliminates glare but also provides a comfortable tint