Spectacle Frames

Spectacle frames have changed a lot over the years and are now very often a fashion item subject to the whims of the fashion industry – this is why you may find in many high street practices that all the frames look the same !

At Howie & Tickner we work hard to ensure that we always a have a full range of styles available including the latest designs, but also styles and designs that are not currently in vogue, but with which you may feel more comfortable.

If the latest style is small, narrow, letterbox type frames but you want a large square design we can usually find it for you. Being independent means that we can supply what you want so that you do not have to settle for what you can get and we provide expert advice in selecting the most appropriate style of frame to suit your face shape, hair and skin colour.

Spectacle frame design can also be important depending on the situation in which it will be worn – a funky brightly coloured frame with fancy sides may not be the most appropriate style for your job in accounting, and a delicate pair of rimless frames will certainly not be advisable for work in hot dusty atmospheres – this is where our experience and advice can help.

We will guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate style of frame for your lifestyle – your spectacles should suit your lifestyle your lifestyle should certainly not have to change to meet the needs of your spectacles!